Work for the Upcoming Week

Hi all, Please see below the work for the coming week (16th – 20th March). Continue on with homework units…

Mug Cake

For winning Class of the Month, we made delicious Mug Cake.

Lego People!

Tyler, Thomas, Kody, Peter and David created the 5th Class classroom and everyone in the class using Lego. They did…


In Science we learned all about electricity. We made mini parallel and series circuits and also investigated which items in…

Mini Fair

For the Mini Fair the 5th Class classroom was the book stall. We worked together to organise all of the…

Dave’s Jungle

Dave’s Jungle visited Whitechurch NS. We got to meet and pet a variety of reptiles and arachnids.

Próifilí Pearsanta

i nGaeilge, Scríobhamar próifilí Pearsanta (In Irish, we wrote personal profiles)